Service Introduction

Guangzhou Dong Fang biological Polytron Technologies Inc is a professional engaged in the cause of cosmetics OEM/ODM high-tech enterprises. Dong Fang shares jointly with Zhongshan University to establish natural plant skin care research center, to create green cosmetics Engineering Technology Center, invited domestic and international top technology talent cosmetics research and development, the international advanced manufacturing equipment for the production, cooperation and research institutions in France, South Korea, Japan, Australia and other countries, is driven technological innovation leading R & D and production of cosmetics the manufacturing enterprises.
 The main research directions include: building company of natural plant extraction technology, green technology, high-tech materials preservatives extraction and separation, flowers fidelity preservation technology, oil application technology, and through high-tech precision instruments and equipment safety and effectiveness of raw materials were tested and analyzed, with scientific and strict inspection of raw materials and semi-finished products standard and inspection process, to ensure product quality and meet the market demand.
Dong Fang shares in the "clients" as the center, guided by the market, in addition to professional OEM/ODM services, is committed to the creative design, independent brands, such as the introduction of overseas resources to provide the best products and service for customer solutions